Monday, June 2, 2008

Have You Seen My Juice?

I'm so frustrated today because I've been wanting to make something FABULOUS for nearly a week now and every time I sit down I just get blah. My juice is seriously missing.
My best friend asked me to make her some thank you cards so yesterday I decided to work on them. I seriously sat there for 7 hours! And this is all that I produced. Nothing I'm really proud of. The first three I like okay but the others I don't really like. This can't go on! I've got to find my juice. I've got too much to be done to be missing my juice!


Paper Girl Productions said...

They look great! Love the lil owl one!

Amy Yang said...

Thanks Paper Girl :) Maybe in a few days they won't look so bad to me anymore, lol.

Kim said...

Love all the colors in your cards! They are so bright and uplifting!

Hugs~ Kim