Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Finally Done

So I'm finally done with my friend's set of thank you's. 20 total, 6 each of 4 designs. I'm pretty darn happy with the final product. I didn't want to go over the top since I was doing so many but I wanted to make them cute. Mission Accomplished :) Here are pictures of the last two.

Today I've got a long list of this to do. Cleaning up around the house, finishing about 15 tins I've got in pieces, etc. I've got less than 4 weeks until Baltimore's ArtScape so I know I've got to get crackin! My one problem is that while I'm working on one thing my mind is always wondering onto millions of other things that I want to do. I can't stop my mind from thinking about them and what I want each thing to look like and how I'm going to this or that to it. It can get very frustrating. I'm already starting to have a wondering mind when I'm trying to go to sleep. That usually doesn't happen until the week before the show, lol. I guess it's just because the stakes are higher for this one and I have some really big expectations.

I'm doing the festival on Saturday and then I fly out to meet Isaac in Hawaii on Monday. So this show has to provide all my spending money or Angie and I aren't going to do much but go the the beach that week. While this might not be such a bad thing, you know how it is when you go back to some place that you lived for years but haven't been back for a year. You want to go to all your favorite places to eat, you want to visit all your favorite stores, you've got a list a mile long of things you want to do. I'm sure it will be fabulous no matter what we do. Just being back with our best friends is going to be the best part.