Saturday, June 21, 2008

Family Photo

Every year I try to get a family photo taken by my cousin. I think it's important since Isaac and I don't really take many pictures together otherwise during the year. If we go on a trip we might take some together but then it's usually just hit holding the camera out in front of our faces and I really do hate those shots. I'd much rather ask some random person to take the picture for us. But that's just me. Anyway, my cousin just sent me the picture and I think it came out pretty good. It was SO windy the day that we we taking them. I thought Napoleon was going to blow away!

I also worked on my flowers yesterday. I took the advice given and I sat outside for probably almost two hours cutting off all the dead from the flowers. That giant pot took forever! I hope that it helps them out. They are also in a place now that doesn't get sun all day long.

On another note, I finally felt like I was creatively able to work on my friend's set of Thank-You cards. I think I first tried to work on the about three weeks ago and just couldn't produce anything good. She's on a trip right now and gets back home tomorrow so I'd like to have them done and on their way to her by then.

Alright, lots of work to do today so I'm off!

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Kim said...

Beautiful family pic Amy!
Hugs~ Kim