Monday, June 23, 2008

Cards, Yay!

It's a rare occassion here on my blog today. I actually have cards to post and share! Yay! These are two of the cards that I made for my friend's Thank You cards set. I made six of each of these cards. I really love the sparley flower card with all the rhinestones. Totally up my alley!

I also wanted to make some with owls since I love this stamp and they're so popular right now. I think this one came out alright. It still feels sort of plain but I'm sure she'll love it. I've got two more that I'll either add to this post later or, more likely, post tomorrow.


ankur said...

I love this cards . You did some good work . Bravo

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TheBrassHussy said...

adorable cards. Thanks for linking my shop to your blog!