Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've been so busy this last week! I've had a few custom orders to do, housework, organizing....all those fun things. I've also been working out every day and I've got to tell you that I'm getting pretty tired. I wish I could take a nap today but I have to go fill in at the vet's office because one of the regular employees has a doctor's appointment. So I'll be there for most of the day today. Bah.

I finished this album up yesterday that one of my friend's requested. It's going to be a wedding present for her boyfriend's sister. I hope they like it. I really liked adding the red in with these papers. Super cute.

I also made this SUPER great Korean food the other day. I must say that I'm getting pretty good at it, based on the four things I've cooked now :) Isaac stumbled upon this Korean lady who does cooking podcasts. I love it because I need to see it done. I can't just read a recipe and really know what I need to do. I can do that with baking but not regular cooking. I need to work on a few more dishes before my mother-in-law comes in July. I want to impress her with my skills!

So here is a picture of the dish I made. It is called Sweet and Crispy Chicken. It's double fried and then coated with this really yummy sauce that's totally not bad for you, what with all the corn syrup, brown sugar, soy sauce... :) Very healthy! The recipe called for 1 cup of chopped ginger but I must say that was WAY too much ginger. We ate it okay but it definitely had some overpoweringness to it. I made it a second time and I think I only used about one tablespoon of ginger and that was much better. Next time I'll just keep tasting the sauce as it's cooking and decide if I need to add more ginger or not.

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