Monday, April 28, 2008

Scrapbook Yardsale

Yesterday I went to a scrapbook yardsale in Manassas, VA with a couple of girls that I crop with and my mom. Holy cow were there a lot of people. I was feeling very uncomfortalbe and my heart was beating pretty fast because of all the people pushing into you and wanting you to move so they can see what's on the table. That was the one thing I didn't like. I don't like feeling that uncomfortable. I thought about just giving up and leaving but then it wasn't THAT bad so I just stuck it out. If a table was mobbed then I just went on to the next few and came back later.

I got some really good deals on some chipboard albums. I got some for .10, .25, and .50. Awesome. I plan to alter them for the Apple Blossom Festival this weekend. Let's hope I have enough time :) My biggest and best purchase for the day, however, was the long desired Zutter Bind-It-All! I'm so excited to finally have this tool. It was a really good price on it too. They had them for $60 with 20% off so that made them $48. I know that you can get them from between $35-$45 on ebay but then by the time you're paying shipping of like $10-$15 it comes out to be the same or more than what I paid. I also picked up a few packs of the bindings for 20% off her lowered price.

The really funny thing that happened though was that, just as I was purchasing the machine, two ladies walked up behind me and asked what was so good about that machine. So I starting telling them all about it and what it can do and how fabulous it was and what a good price it was and all kinds of stuff. I bet I talked to those ladies for half an hour at least! The one lady was wanting one and her friend was trying to talk her out of it. In the end, the BOTH bought one!! How funny is that?! They each got a machine and some bindings. Then we were talking in the check-out line and it turns out that they live in Winchester. What a small world. So I tell them that I'm going to be in the Festival this weekend and they say they are totally going to stop by and see me. I also tell them that I am going to be teaching classes for the Parks and Rec Dept. this fall and that I will be doing a class with my machine and they should take my class.

We finished up and parted ways and my mom says to me that I should have given them my business card so that if they had any other questions they could contact me. I had my CTMH cards in my bag so I wrote my new number on them and found the ladies outside and told them to call me if they needed any more help. The one lady says, oh did you used to be a Close To My Heart consultant? I said, oh I'm actually still a CTMH consultant. Well then she got so excited and started talking about how she loved out clear stamps and there hadn't been a consultant in our town in forever and she was so excited to have met me and on and on.

How awesome is it that I just happened to start talking to these ladies about a machine that I was excited about and it turned into making local contacts?! I just think it was such a God thing. They were so super nice and I'm extremely excited to see if they do in fact come out and see my booth.


twiddlestix said...

Congrats on getting the machine that you wanted...and the new contacts! Love your "about me" paragragh- I also "hoard" paper...gotta love it!

Little Pods Clothing said...

Thats wonderful~!! See what a little gab can get you?