Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chilli Dog

So Isaac took some chilli last night to work with him for dinner. He really likes this canned kind and, as far as canned chilli goes , it's really not too bad. Well he threw the can in a small shopping bag next to the trash can because the can was full and I needed to run it out real quick. He took off for work and my mom and I were outside trying to figure out how to set up my new EZ Up tent for the show this weekend. Let me just tell you people, it's not EZ. Whomever created their "instructions" needs to be shot. So while my mom and I were outside wanting to throw the tent off my balcony, Napoleon was apparently in the trash. I ran inside to go on youtube.com and see if someone had posted a how to video for this stupid tent and, when I came back outside, I noticed Napoleon had something on the side of his face. As I bent down to look at him I saw that he had a ring of chilli all around his head. He had stuck his entire head in the can licking it out and got it all over him! What a lunatic. I snapped some quick pictures to show Isaac today when he wakes up. (Sigh) Dogs.

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