Monday, April 7, 2008

Please Don't Get Infected!

Last night we had the dog fight to end all dog fights. Our dogs, Bella and Napoleon, get very tempermental when we go to bed at night. It has to be some kind of territorial thing or Napoleon tests her alpha dogness when we're going to sleep. We went to bed extra late last night because I was working late. Isaac was already in bed as were the dogs and I came in a started playing with Napoleon. He had a sock in his mouth and I was tugging on it and he was growling at me. I couldn't see because it was dark but I'm sure it was a playful growl. He never growls at me otherwise. He knows he'll get kicked out of the room and that's worse than death for him.

Well, all the sudden Bella starts growling and comes flying across the bed. They start attacking eachother and Bella won't back down in a fight. She bites Napoleon's ears and neck and the longer it takes for us to break it up the more bite marks and little bleeding spots Napoleon will have. Just by the tone of the fight you could tell this was way more intense than their normal disagreements. So Isaac and I are trying to break them up but it's dark and really hard to see. I reached out to push Bella to Isaac and grab Napoleon to toss him off the bed but I reached straight into Bella's mouth. She bit down as hard as she could and I swear I thought she ripped the side of my finger off. Now I've accidentally but a finger off before so I know what it feels like. My first thought was OMG I can't believe this is happening. Then I thought, I've got to stop the blood. Then I thought, I don't want to see it so I shoved my finger into my mouth. Isaac got the fight broken up.

I jumped out of bed and said I'm hurt, with my finger in my mouth, but I'm afraid to look. I think she may have ripped my finger open and I don't want to have to get stitches. And did I mention that we don't have any medical insurance yet? Yeah, Isaac's cool employer likes to make you wait two months before giving you insurance. Awesome. So Isaac turned the light on and I pulled my finger out of my mouth and shoved it in his face. I couldn't look. He asked which finger so I knew it couldn't be too bad. I told him the middle one and he said oh my gosh! So then I of course look and there is one puncture mark on the bottom and a very deep indentation on the top.

What had happened was that she actually bit down until she hit my bone. She bit my right on the side of my knuckle but got just were the vein and nerves are. I couldn't feel half of my finger, which is why I thought it was torn off, because she hit the nerve bundle. I can't believe my dog actually bit my bone! This morning I've got the feeling back in my whole finger but it hurts like crazy. I'm seriously worried that it will get infected. I washed it with anti-bacterial soap last night and put neosporin on it but it is seriously sore. Stupid dogs. Maybe they need to just start sleeping on the floor in their beds they got for Christmas. I can't have them continuing to do this, especially when we bring a baby into the mix.

I just took the bandaid off and it doesn't look too bad but I can't fully bend my finger. It feels a lot worse than it looks which I guess is a good thing?

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