Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So Frustrating!!

I've just had the most rotten experience and I just needed to let it out. I received an email last Friday from a gal really interested in our (Close To My Heart's) stamps. She was so interested that she wanted to do a demo in her home with her boyfriend's mom who is a big stamper and who she knew would love to see the stamps as well. They had both looked at my site and were very excited. Since we just moved and I'm trying to build up a business, despite the fact that she lived an hour away, I decided to go ahead and do the demo. She wanted me to come out quickly because the mother was only going to be there through this week. We decided to do it tonight at 6. I confirmed with her last night and said I looked forward to meeting them today. All okay.

I was out all day today running my husband to the airport and doing other errands. I came home, grabbed my stuff, checked my email to see if she has written anything, and ran out the door. It actually took an hour and a half to get to her house and when I get there the mother answers the door and blankly looks at me. I tell her I'm Amy and I'm here to do the stamping demo that Jennifer scheduled with me. She says, oh honey, she's having a bad day. It's just not a good time. I politely say, well we scheduled this three days ago and she confirmed last night that I would be coming. I drove an hour and a half to do this demo with her. The mother says nothing. After a very long pause, she says well she's just not having a good day. Do you want to leave a catalog. At this point I could scream. I tell her yes I'll leave a catalog for her and run to my car to get one. I bring it back and the mother is like, Oh scrapbooking and stamping things. I love to do this stuff. This is what you were going to show us? I say yes. Are you sure that Jennifer doesn't want to do the demo today? I have all the stuff and it will only take about 30 minutes to do the two cards that I brought. She says, well we're starving and we were just leaving to go out to dinner. Pardon me? Leaving to go out to dinner when you had an appointment with me? Was the chick just planning on not being there when I showed up and they got caught? Anyway, the lady continues on that she has so much scrapbooking to catch up on and she'll definitely contact me to order some things. I sure hope so but frankly I'm not going to hold my breath. Needless to say that Jennifer never showed her face to say an I'm sorry or anything. So frustrating.

But it gets worse. On my way over there I saw that the side of one of the mountains has a brush fire. It wasn't too close to the road but there were like 8 fire trucks there working on it. Well, on my way back, the fire was bigger and just as I was coming up on it four police cars pull out and stop the traffic about 15 cars in front of me. Are you kidding me?! I ask the truck driver next to me if he knows what's going on and he says that the radio says the fire is right on the road and they've closed it. Now, there is only ONE road that goes the direction I was headed and they've closed it. After about 20 minutes, people start braving the median to turn around. It was a wicked v too. A semi-truck even did it and he almost tipped. It was SO scary. After 45 minutes, I'm annoyed. It doesn't look like they're opening the road. So I decide to go ask some people if they know the area and if there is a round about way of getting home. So I'm asking some shaddy looking men standing around and they are telling me this other way to take. Well, I should say that they were telling my body how to go (I'm 25, not that that makes me attractive but just to have the dirty old men/young girl mental picture). They didn't even look at my face. So I'm walking back to my car feeling dirty and like I immediately need to take a shower when one of the semi's towards the front yells out that they are opening the road. Good thing I went and asked those pervs for directions.

So I left my house tonight at 4:45 and got home at 8:45 and spent about $20 in gas all for nothing. Seriously the worst CTMH experience I've ever had. Not that it has anything to do with the actual company but seriously, what's wrong with people. I totally understand having a bad day, but for the love of God, call me and let me know you are backing out before I drive all the way over there. Am I being unreasonable here? Okay, my vent is over and I feel better. Now I need to shower, lol.


Bonny said...

Heavens! You handled it better than I think I would have! Talk about NO consideration - and if she's having a "bad day" then why on earth is she going out to dinner? Sounds to me like she just didn't have the nerve to tell you - so sorry!

As far as the pervs - all I can say is EWWWWW! Best wishes for a better week ahead!

Blue Orchid said...

You did handle the situation great! Fortunately the majority of people in the world are not like this. You happened to meet one of the rotten ones.

Bonny said it well EWWWW! Hope you have a great week ahead:)