Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Long Weekend

I just finished up a marathon weekend. It was totally crazy. On Friday Isaac was drilling with the Army Reserves so he had to drive 2 hours to his drill sight and I was a home getting things prepared for both a Close To My Heart party I was having on Sunday and a Children's Miracle Network Event that I was doing on Saturday. I had high hopes for Saturday's event since it was a charity event but I'm not sure what happened. Very few people came and I don't really think any of the consultants there made any sales except two, Tastefully Simple and a jewelry consultant, and they only made 2-3 sales at that. So I was there pretty much all day and it was a wash. Normally, I would be really annoyed but I don't really feel all that bad about the money I gave for my table because I know that it was for a good cause.

When I got home Saturday night I needed to finish up prepping for my gathering on Sunday and then it was off to bed. We woke up early on Sunday to drive back to Isaac's drill sight, which also happened to be where my party was, and we did our things. The party went well and I pretty much knew the crowd so it was fun. After the party I managed to sneak a few minutes into their local scrapbooking store to check out any new papers or embellishments but I was distracted by the fact that I really need to buy a baby crib, and should I be spending a bunch of money on more supplies...no. So that kind of killed the joy of it all, plus Isaac started calling me to come get him. So I raced over to Ft. Meade and picked him up and he decided that he wanted to go to this China Buffet we used to go to alot for dinner. Our local China Buffets are so terrible so I was excited for some good food. Neither of us had eatten anything since breakfast and it was nearly 5 so we were both very hungry. We ate so much food it was sickening. This was the only time I can actually say that we truly got our money's worth. I think we were there for an hour eating. Isaac had at least 3 plates of regular food and 3 plates of crab legs. It was awesome. So we left there about 6:45-ish and headed toward the Korean grocery store, which is somewhat on the way home. We stocked up on a few essentials and were on the road towards home at about 8. We finally got home at about 9:15 and crashed.

Then yesterday, I picked up another event as a Close To My Heart consultant. I was in Curves working out and they were having a Ladies Night In to sponsor breast cancer awareness. Since I had displays and everything already ready, I just asked if they had room for me to set up a table. They did and so that's what I did from 3-7 last night. It was okay but I'm really having a hard time finding people that scrapbook. I know they are around here but they must be hiding! I did get one large order and two ladies that want to join my classes so it was totally worth it to me. After that I ran to Bible study and got home about 9:30 and crashed again.

I had to go and pick Isaac up from work since I had the car and that was around 1am. Somehow, when we came home Napoleon slipped out the front door and we didn't see him. We thought that he was hiding because he had pooped in the kitchen while we were gone. So neither of us really thought anything about it and went straight to bed. Well, I could hear Napoleon crying all night last night but I thought that it was because Isaac had shut him out of the bedroom so I was just ignoring him. About 4 or 5 this morning Copper and Bella started barking at something outside and I could hear our neighbors dog barking as well. Of course I didn't get up to see what it was and Isaac just put Copper outside the room and yelled at him for barking. So about 6:30 thiss morning I can really hear Napoleon crying and I notice that the bedroom door is open and Copper has come back in. So where was Napoleon? I got up and went downstairs to get him but I couldn't find him. I was calling his name and looking around thinking that Isaac locked him in the bathroom or did something stupid with him. Bella was scratching at the front door and I kept telling her, he's not out there, help me find him. He was hysterical by this point. I finally decided to show her that he wasn't outside and low and behold he came flying in the house. My dog was outside on the stoop of my house all night!! I was freaking out. I felt so horrible. The poor thing was an ice-cube. I don't know how it happened but I know that he'll be treated like a king today for sure. I swear that this baby is cutting the blood supply to my brain off. I am forgetting all kinds of things and saying things that don't make sense and I left my dog outside in the cold where he could have run away or been ubducted!

So yeah, it's been a crazy weekend.

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