Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finally Some New Pocket Albums!

I finally finished some new pocket albums and I'm so excited to get them listed. This is the first one that I listed earlier this morning. I love this paper and the fact that the roses are dry embossed I think is just fabulous!

I have 7 more patterns to list and I'll be listing them over the course of the next three days. I found some really great papers a few weekends ago in Maryland and I've been working as quickly as possible to get them finished.

I'm also working on some Christmas cards for my shop. I was just going to make single cards originally but then I decided to do some sets. I have this set listed currently and I am working on finishing up another set or two tonight. This was just going to be a single card but after I finished it I loved the embossing and the overall look so much that I decided to do it as a set of four. I know that people don't always want to send hand-made cards to everyone on their list but I thought for four special people that would appreciate them, these cards would be spectacular.

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