Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two More Days

I've got just two more days until this festival kicks off. I'm sure this will totally shock you, but I'm nowhere near where I'd like to be. I do have a friend coming over tonight to help out so I've got to plan for some things for her to do. I'm sort of a control freak when it comes to my things though so I only really have a few things that I can let her do. The problem with just being like, okay this album in completely cut and I need to glue the photo mats together and put them on the pages, could you do that? Is that they have to be straight and I already have a vision so I want them to be in certain places, etc. If it doesn't end up exactly as I had envisioned then I feel like it's not as good as it could be and then I don't want to sell it. It's stupid, I know, my mom tells me. But my friend helping tonight is an engineer so she SHOULD be good with adhereing things straight, lol.

I think that I officially popped out the other day and am now showing. I was doing the grocery shopping and my stomach muscles were really hurting. It was like a pulsating pain that kept getting stronger. When I finished up at the grocery I had to run to Michael's to pick up some cardstock and while I was in there it was really hurting. I kept thinking that I didn't know why it was hurting so much. I haven't even gone to the gym this week. Then all the sudden it was like my muscles just gave way and out popped a little stomach. And then there was no more pain. I think my body was having a little tug-a-war. My muscles didn't want to expand but the baby was demanding more room. The baby won. So I officially made it to 15 1/2 weeks before I got a pooch.

Here are some pictures of another chipboard album that I finished yesterday. It's definitely a glitter lover's dream. I've got two more that just need their finishing touches today and tons of tins to start sealing this morning. And the list goes on.....


Spa Therapy Works said...

Those albums are amazing!!!
Good luck with the festival! (I'm always behind when preparing for a show, too)

Kim said...

Gorgeous album Amy! Good luck with getting your items done for the festival! I am planning on putting a booth up at our area craft show the beginning of November, I am have a feeling I will be like you 2 days before rushing like a mad woman! :) gots a belly now! Now you have a happy baby!
Hugs~ Kim