Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Project Runway

Oh my gosh. What is going on here? Sweet Pea is totally losing it. I really like her too so it's making me sad. Looks like she'll be having trouble again next week. She did pick a really horrible fabric for this challenge though. I was cringing when she picked it at Mode. She could have had so much fun but she was just too focused on how much she hated the challenge.

Chris and Christian did have really awesome outfits though. I'm glad Chris won because I feel like Christian rode his shirt tail when he won a few weeks ago. I mean that whole huge crazy collar thing was all Chris and that's what the judges really loved about that outfit. Christian is getting super mad though that he isn't winning challenges. You could tell he was so peaved tonight.

I have a love hate relationship with Christian. He says the GREATEST things but then he can be annoying because he's so full of himself. Most of the time he does good work and I really like it but he has his sucky moments just like everyone else. My favorite quote from tonight has to be by him though. I just cracked up when he said "She's one of the fiercest people I know which is pretty major because I've met some fierce bitches in my life." Oh what great things you do say Christian!


amy said...

I knew I missed something last night. I love Christian, he is so funny, one episode he said something about being a "hot mess"

SEWphisticate said...

lol! i don't watch project runway and i was really confused at first! i don't get cable...but i'm thinking i need to have someone tape this show for me!