Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lost I Heart You!

Lost was so great tonight! I really don't know where there going with this season. They can't possibly get off the island because then the show would be no fun. So I'm not sure where they are going with the whole Oceanic 6 thing. I mean we know there is Hurley, Jack, and Kate that are 3 of the 6 and since Hurley is with the other group then somehow they all have to get back together. Have these team members been sent by Darma? Or are they anti Darma and that's why they are after Ben? And who is it that Ben has on that boat? Could it be Michael or possibly Walt maybe and that's why he's in contact with John? And what's up with John not knowing that Hurley was at the cabin? It was John that ran into Hurley in the rain right outside the cabin. Oh you gotta love all the questions. That's what makes Lost so good.

I am sad that I'll never be an extra on the show again though. If only we were still living in Hawaii. My husband actually got a call not too long ago to be an extra in a Korea scene but we had already moved. Even if we were still there I don't know if I'd get called again because the last time I was an extra my face was seen and I was told my a few of the other frequent extras that once you're seen you're out. They were all trying to make sure they weren't seen but my goal was of course to be seen. They did blur out my face a little but if you use your DVR you can see me. My small claim to fame :)

These are pictures from my first time as an extra on Lost.

This last one in the bottom left is Desmond getting his hair all sprayed down. This is from his flashback scene. He has just run into Charley of the street and runs into the university to talk to Damian (I think that was it at least) the Indian professor.


Regina (Lexi) said...

That's awesome. Lost rocks!

thecuriousrabbit said...

you were an extra on lost?! wow! i love lost, but have missed a lot of it.... will have to catch up!

tatsuko said...

Yowza! That's so cool!