Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Need A Drink

Today has been one of those days. I'm not the type of person that typically says this, but I seriously needed a drink today. If only I weren't pregnant! The day started out fine. I went to my last chiropractor appointment and all is well again with my back so that was great news. I still will go once a month for the last three months to make sure I don't get that same problem again, but I have relief and it's fabulous. I came home and listed a few items in my etsy shop and then started making lunch. Isaac and I had a great lunch of meatball subs and then the UPS man came. We received replacement sides to our crib we just bought last week. The sides had been dropped and the wood was shattered but JCPenny was awesome and immediately sent out replacements. This is the crib that we got for Noah. I am very pleased with it.

So we put the crib together, which took like an hour and a half, and then things started to go a little sour. I went downstairs to get something and apparently Napoleon had gotten sick so there was a big pile of puke on the floor. Yum. So I went back upstairs and told Isaac and he was all yuck that's so grose you should go clean it up. By this time it was time for me to start cooking dinner for Isaac to take with him to work. If I don't start cooking by 2:15 it's not ready for him to leave at 3:45. Plus he wanted me to make some more ice tea for him to take with him to work. So I told him that I didn't have time to do it all so he would just have to suck it up and clean up the puke.

So I went downstairs and started cooking and of course Isaac never comes down. So I yell up the stairs at him asking him to please clean it up while I cook. He yells back down that his stomach is really upset and he has to go to the bathroom. So I make the tea and get everything cooking in the oven and he's still no where to be found. So of course I have to clean up the puke and the whole time I'm sitting there thinking I can't believe that he thinks it's okay for me to do this but he acts like he'll die if he even has to look at it! I was so annoyed. My husband is very helpful and great at a lot of things but when it comes to cleaning up after the dogs, I could strangle him. He's useless and whines like a baby.

So he finally comes downstairs and before I can even say anything his phone starts ringing and he's on it until like 10 minutes before he has to leave. So I do the dishes and clean the kitchen while I'm waiting for the food to be done. He comes up and asks if it's done yet and the timer is just going off on the oven. So I get an oven mit and take out the pan and just as I'm lifting it onto the top of the oven the glove slips and I drop it all over the floor and the inside of the oven. I was so mad! I don't usually act out in my anger but I was so mad that I just threw the glove down on the floor as hard as I could. And of course it's plastic so it made a huge noise and all the dogs fled the kitchen. Isaac just looked at me and said, was that my dinner? I just looked at him and told him that I hope Noah craps all over him.

And that's why I desperately needed a drink today.

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