Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Crystals

I've been completely slacking lately on my crafting. You know when you work full time you think, gee, if I only didn't have to come to work I'd be able to get so much more crafting done. Then the day comes when you no longer have to go to work but yet you still find that you aren't getting much accomplished during the course of the day. Honestly, where do my days go? Too much time on the internet I fear. I've cut way back on my television watching to help with my procrastination and now I just need to work on internet time.

I had two orders for crystals on Sunday, one pink heart and one custom dog. I finished those up today and they are on their way to their owners. I also finished up a Papillon and listed it in my shop .

I also received a large paper order today so I have lots of new albums to come as well as some mini scrapbooks that I'm pretty excited to try my hand at. Meanwhile, my desk is covered in half finished cards and various other projects. My goal for tomorrow is to get everything on my desk finished up and to be productive!