Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fun Shops For Your Doggies

So Bella's Boutique was named after my dog Bella. Sad, but true. I heart Bella. I'm the dog owner who treats them like royalty, buys them gourmet treats, the latest clothes, lots of collars to rotate, and bling. So of course I'm always looking for fun doggie shops on etsy! Here are a few that I've found so far

Furkid Fever

I love her dresses and embroidered pj's.

Fifi and Me

She has really fun hoodies, which Napoleon loves to wear, and fashion coats as well.

Mr Soft Tops

Lots of really cute sweaters and in different sizes.

Designs For Dinky Dogs

I'm always looking for fun new clothes for my babies. And another fun thing I found on etsy is that you can have a custom portrait of your animal done! I actually donated pictures of both my dogs to Ninner Fish Art and she did a portrait of Bella for her shop

You can also get a custom portrait from Lynne Adamson which I think are really neat. You can get them in a variety of sizes depending on your budget.

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