Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Noah's Bathroom

We sort of have this monkey theme going on for Noah, with his jungle bedroom decor and his cute monkey coat and onesies from Gymboree. So my mom found this really cute monkey shower curtain and accessories at Kohls a few weekends ago and she decided to buy them for the bathroom that is attached to his room. She ended up having to order everything online because her store only had a few things left so I just got the package in the mail yesterday.

Last night I set up everything that she sent and I think it looks super cute. It at least looks better than it did before because we only have a white plastic liner hanging for the shower curtain. We didn't want to buy shower curtains for all of the bathrooms when we only use the shower in our bedroom for the most part.

So here are pictures of the bathroom:

And I promise to get some pictures of his nursery up soon. I have one project to finish before I start snapping pictures!


Art By MAR said...

Love the monkeys! Great theme. I like "themes" for the bathroom. Always wanted to do mine in Sponge Bob!

Start To Finish Supplies said...

She did a great job. The monkeys are super cute. I love the towels!

Beth said...

super cute! Ours is Ducky. My son's lovey is a duck, hence the theme.

Wear Me Jewels- said...

That's so cute. Aren't all kids, little monkeys?