Monday, January 12, 2009

Cleaning Like A Mad Woman

I realize that I have neglected my blog this past week but I just got into this crazy cleaning and I've only now somewhat come out of it. I think it was a combination of being tired of the clutter and watching too many cleaning/organization shows on tv. I just got fed up and decided to start cleaning, but not just cleaning, really DEEP cleaning.

I took my entire kitchen apart and cleaned ever surface. I even dismantled my refridgerator and cleaned every shelf, drawer, and the entire inside. Then I scrubbed the floor by hand to make sure that I got it really clean. My hands were so swollen by the end of the night that Isaac was horrified to look at them.

The next day I worked on bathrooms. I scrubbed all the sinks, toilets, and showers. I have four bathrooms so this was no small job. I didn't get to scrub the floors in there yet but it's still on the list. I might do that later tonight.

On Saturday I cleaned up our bedroom. It was really dusty and our dresser was MIA for all the clutter. It's sort of a dumping ground for anything that enters the room and I was so sick of it. It took me about 2 hours to sort through all the junk and get it into the correct places and then I dusted everything. I don't think Isaac appreciated that I was doing it while he was still asleep but when you feel like cleaning, it's time to clean! Then I did all the laundry and washed all our bedding. The room looks so clean and relaxing now. It's so nice.

Then Saturday night I spent like 4 hours in Noah's room going through things. The closet was so unorganized and packed full of things and it was driving me nuts. I also had this huge pile of things that was just taking up the corner next to the crib. I went through all the clothes that I have for him so far and hung only the 0-6 month sizes and packed all the rest into plastic tubs. I have a whole tub full of 6-12 month clothing and the kid isn't even here yet! Then I gathered all the blankets that I have for him and filled another entire tub! Several of the blankets are my old baby blankets though so I don't feel too guilty about the number of blankets he has, but let's just say he doesn't need any more. I moved the changing table up from the basement into his bedroom and then loaded all the diapers and wipes that we have onto that and proceded to fit everything that was outside the closet into the closet. It looks amazing. I should have taken a before and after picture now that I think of it so you could truly appreciate the change that took place.

Yesterday I paid the price for my crazy cleaning. My back was killing me! I didn't sleep well at all the night before, just tossing and turning. So I took a break yesterday and will continue to work at a slower pace the rest of the week. I still need to shampoo carpets and a few other things and then I'll be squeeky clean. It will be fabulous!

I think my mom is worried that I might go into labor now because she kept telling me that this is what people do the day before they pop their kid out. However, this had nothing to do with being pregnant and everything to do with being frustrated.

Finally, a few cute pictures of Bella and Copper playing together and hiding from the madness.

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Kelly said...

yup that definitely sounds like 'nesting' lol and just wait till the little man arrives - the clutter only gets worse as they get older! It's the first time I've come across your blog btw ;)